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2009/07/03(金) RAZOR Allianceが200Bil盗まれる


OE-4HB, Tenal - RAZOR Allianceは先週現金とModule合わせて200Bilの資産を盗まれた。 犯人は Drago Musevenii で、南部での対KenZoku作戦で使用した100以上の"Deathstar"POSとDreadnoughtを奪い取った。

The theft took place on 23.06.111. RAZOR were moving ships and towers back to their home space after their successful campaign in Querious. For 12 mere hours, the large control towers used in the campaign rested in low-security space, accessible to Cutting Edge Incorporated's [CEI] logisticians.

Drago Musevenii had been a member of Cutting Edge Incorporated for almost a year. He was an Executive Officer (XO), which is one rank below a director in the corporation. He had access to certain hangars with close to 100 billion ISK's value in ships and modules and to some sections of CEI's wallet, though only a few hundred million ISK were within his reach.

通常すべての品物はRAZORが保持しているOutpostに置かれていた。盗まれた品物は星系外に安全に持ち出すのは難しく、内部で売ると買える人が限られているため価値が非常に小さくなる。疑いがある夜は、しかし、CEIの資産と約130のRAZORのLarge POS、燃料、ModuleはLow-Sec空間に置かれており、Dragoは比較的容易に持ち出すことができた。

"All I had to do was [empty] the corp hangar [into] my own, and then move the items across empire to sell at my leisure... I knew they would not be there long, so I acted," Drago explained.

Fred0, the CEO of CEI, was far from devastated by the loss of assets, noting that each director holds close to the total value of the heist in each of their wallets. He was quite clear on what the greatest loss was, however.

"The biggest blow for us is probably that we... [lost a] senior XO who was an awesome contributor to both the corp and alliance; that's what is gonna hurt. Drago honestly put in countless hours working his [bottom] off for CEI/RZR and that's what's gonna be hardest to replace."

He later added "[It's a shame] to have work wasted but the only thing you can do in today's [New Eden] is look forward and put in double."
Guiding Hand Social Club Claims Responsibility

The Guiding Hand Social Club [GH-SC], a notorious gang of thieves and saboteurs with several high-profile heists under its belt, claimed responsibility for the theft in a press release on the 25th. Istvaan Shogaatsu (the Guiding Hand Social Club's joint founder/CEO, along with Tyrrax Thorrk) stated that the RAZOR heist brought the organization of operatives and infiltrators to its one-trillionth ISK in stolen assets. Perpetrator Drago Musevenii now adamantly denies their involvement, however and accounts differ dramatically as to why the robbery took place.

Drago Musevenii had publically joined the GH-SC at the rank of "Operative" when he was expelled from CEI but he now claims his first contact with the organization was after the theft occurred.

"[Tyrrax] thought it would be good publicity if everyone thought GH-SC had infiltrated RAZOR and I was eager for the public to believe it had been a planned infiltration and heist, rather than me betraying the trust of my friends for my own personal gain."

Drago went on to explain that he now deeply regretted joining the Guiding Hand Social Club, because of the knock-on effects it had on his friends still in RAZOR.

"Joining GH-SC affected the friends I had in CEI more than I thought. They were brought under suspicion of also being 'GH-SC operatives.' They had their roles stripped and people started to mistrust them."

CEI CEO Fred0 doesn't rule out the possibility of GH-SC involvement, but is certain that "Drago became a GH-SC operative when he got tired of CEI. This was not planned by GH-SC since he joined."

Tyrrax Thorrk, Istvaan Shogaatsu's partner-in-crime in the Guiding Hand Social Club, tells a radically-different story to Drago's.

"Several months ago (November I think) we acquired an operative within Cutting Edge Incorporated... He was a friend of one of our members and had landed himself in a spot of trouble we could smooth out for him."

Tyrrax claims she instructed her new operative to "nestle deeper, take on additional responsibilities, help with logistics; that kind of thing."

"We've found the best way to take a corporation for everything is for our agent to be its finest member. The more work you do, and the more people look to you for help and advise - the more access and trust you get."

Guiding Hand Social Club deny that they were hired to rob RAZOR. Instead, they say they were proving a point. Joss Sparq and Shigsy (pilots apparently unconnected to RAZOR) had previously and separately called GH-SC "irrelevant". Tyrrax claims the theft was merely a demonstration of the corporation's continued relevance and their ability to strike anyone. "We're everywhere, biding our time," she explained.

Was Drago Musevenii an independent agent swept into the Guiding Hand's clutches as part of a publicity stunt? Or is this a double-bluff from Tyrrax Thorrk, laying out the facts while Drago's contradictory claims create a cover for other maneuvers. Only these two people know the real story, but little that involves the Guiding Hand Social Club is ever straightforward.

2009/07/03(金) Pure Blindにて200以上のCapital艦が撃沈


DK-FXK, Pure Blind - 月曜日にTriumvirate.、Red.OverlordそしてAgainst All Authoritiesの艦隊が、Northen Coalitionの艦隊と激突した。結果は、両サイドとも50以上のDreadnoughtを失った。Solar Fleet Allianceはその日にさらにK25-XDにてNorthern Coalitionと戦った。結果、両サイドで約46隻のCapitalを失い、最近でもっとも撃沈数が多いうちの一日となった。

The first fight occured after the Northern Coalition brought its capital fleet into the system to destroy a Triumvirate-owned control tower mining a high-end moon. Triumvirate. and their allies initially mustered a slightly larger capital fleet to defend their facility.

Capital艦は両サイドともゆっくりと撃沈した。しかし、RAZOR AllianceのPhreezeによると、NOrthern Coalitionのパイロットは戦闘を聞きつけると迅速に艦隊を増強させたという。

The exact reason for the Against All Authorities and RED.Overlord's participation in Monday's battle remains unknown; none of our sources would either confirm or deny if their presence is temporary or permanent. Pilots from both alliances have not been active in northern New Eden in recent history, but Vuk Lau of Morsus Mihi suspects that their involvement in Pure Blind is mainly to disrupt the Northern Coalition.

Reports indicate that the capital ship losses were fairly equal for both coalitions; both sides lost approximately 50 capital ships spread among various alliances. The Northern Coalition managed to kill the Triumvirate. tower after a sustained battle, securing themselves a steady supply of valuable Dysprosium.
Solar Fleet attacks K25-XD

Later that night, the K25-XD system in Geminate was the stage for another capital fight between Solar Fleet and the Northern Coalition. Solar Fleet had an 80-strong force in the system, mainly dreadnoughts and battleships which were attacking various hostile control towers to break Wildly Inappropriate's Province (3) sovereignty.

At first, the Northern Coalition jumped a conventional battleship fleet into the attacked system. Solar Fleet responded by warping their capitals to the gate where the NC were entering the system and used their capitals to engage the arriving sub-capital fleet.

The Northern Coalition tackled all 50 Solar Fleet capital ships once they were tightly-grouped on the stargate and lit a cynosural field for their own capitals to enter and engage.

As in their earlier battle, the NC fleet steadily swelled with reinforcements entering the system. Solar Fleet tried to turn the tide by bringing in two Titans, using two swift, successive doomsday blasts to kill more than 30 ships and damage the hostile capitals.

Titanの攻撃にもかかわらず、Northern Coalitionの艦隊は戦場を支配した。両方とも約40隻のDreadnoughtと6隻のCarrierを失い、これで今週北部で200以上のCapital艦が撃沈したことになる。

1: hime3 2009年07月06日(月) 午前10時29分



損失:LPOSx4 + 各Module = 3B
DYPL Outpost = 2.4B
V-O Outpost 投資分:10B

名前が悪かったのかな?”A Bao A Qu"




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sylphは(一見)安定してますよw 順位16位の"大型"Allyですし、どうですかwww


2009/07/03(金) CORPSによる(簡易)報告が公開


CONCORDは CONCORD Outer Region Political Summary(CORPS)を公開することを発表しました。CORPSは今まで加盟国、CONCORD、DED監視人にしか公開されていませんでした。

Interstellar Correspondentsはこの最初の報告を歓迎しており、全ての文章はGalNet上にて閲覧できます。

CONCORD Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) 報告

> > DED CORPS BRIEFING Y111.06.12/Y111.06.26
> > 状況:機密解除
> > 発表承認
> > 開始


49-U6U星系、Kenzokuの最後に残った牙城は、Goonswarmとその同盟の手に落ち、EVEのカプセル乗りの間で"Second Great War"としられている戦争は終結した。数百のCapital艦と25のTitanで構成された連合艦隊は、勝利を確実にするために当該星系に侵攻した。

この影響で、 以前Band Of Brothersと呼ばれていたKenZokuは、四散したことが報告された。この解散は公式発表されており、彼らがホームRegionであり今はGoonswarmが保持しているDelveから脱出していることが複数のソースから確認されている。最初にKenZokuから抜けたのはBlack Nova Corp.であり、彼らは元BoBのための多様な行き先を示している。解散が永久なものか単なる再編成かは憶測が残っている。

北部連合(Northern Coalition)のメンバーは、ホームRegionに戻ってきている。一方、深刻な領土侵略がないため、復活したTriumvirateによって編成された少数の奇襲グループが、北部領域に深刻な経済的ダメージを与えている。Triumvirateとその同盟Allyは現在少数の高価値月資源を保持している。この資源を巡る激しい戦いと、毎日やってくる奇襲は、居住者の頭痛を起こさせている。

Mostly Harmlessは、これらの軍事的侵略に苦しんでも、過去2週間でほぼ2倍の領域を確保し、現在はPure BlindやFadeと同じようにCloud Ringを支配下に置いている。

南方に目を向けると、この数週間でAtlas Allianceはパワーと影響力の両面で成長を続けている。Against All AuthoritiesのTennerifiesに対する攻撃を支援した後、AtrasはAggression, Scorched Earth, Intrepid Crossing, Ethereal Dawnなどのいくつかの近隣Allyに持ち直し(???)、Goonswarmが支配権を放棄したDetoridに対して大規模な作戦を開始し、今や Wicked CreekのC-J6MTからRed Allianceを排除した。

Against All Authoritesとの強力な同盟により、AtlasはOmist regionに居住を始め、すぐに展開し始めた。この拡大のスピードは、この三週間でAtlasとAggressionが40から50の星系を支配下に置くほどであり、注目に値する。

この場合には、現在のAtlas主導の侵攻が停止することが注目される。Drone RegionではLegion of DEATHが平衡を保っているように見える。新しい領地であるDelveとQueriousを固めているGoonswarmと、Curse Regionに向けて動いているとの報告があるPandemic Legionは、Atlrasと戦っているRed Allianceを小規模な戦いに参加することで表向きは支援している。北部連合のTau Ceti Federationからのさらなる支援の噂はこれまでのところ未確認である。


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