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基本的にFW(Factional Warfare)をやっている人向けの資料ですが、基本的なところはどんな艦隊行動にも通用すると思います。

CMBD-FMOPS-Basic Fleet Movement and Operations: Basic Support


This material covers Low-Sec Combat with an eye towards Militia Operations in small to medium sized fleets.
It intentionally does not Cover:
  • 0.0 operations
  • Interdictors
  • Bubble Camps
  • POS Warfare
  • "Black-Ops” warfare
  • Use of Capital ships.
With that focus in mind, many of the concepts presented here apply to any pilot or fleet commander regardless of location.

It is up to you to learn and apply these concepts where appropriate.

Time/CCP changes all things be prepared to adapt to new situations.

This Course Covers
  • Overview Settings
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Mission Planning
  • Fleet Organization
  • Fleet Movement
  • Combat Operations
  • Does not Cover use of Capital ships.

Overview Settings

Filter States
  • No Friendlies On Overview
  • Save this in your PvP Presets
Use Tabs
  • Travel
  • DPS
  • Support
  • Frigates and Drones
  • All PvP
  • Capitals Only
Use Brackets
  • Bracket Filtering Decreases Lag
  • Assign Brackets to tabs

Fleet Communications & Leadership

Broadcast Commands
Broadcast Commands are and excellent way to integrate Fleet members for whom English (or Primary Fleet Language) is not Native

All FC’s should Use the Broadcast command in addition Voice Comms

Broadcasts do NOT replace Voice only serve as an aid

This function allow Pilots to Quickly:
  • Call in Warp-In Points (without having to Search Local or Fleet View)
  • Mark Targets (Primary Secondary)
  • Give aid via Shield. Armor or Capacitor Boosting.
Broadcast Window
These are messages sent out by the squad/wing/fleet leaders, for example to pick a new target, or to align to a celestial object.

When a "New target" broadcast goes out, you can right-click the message and select "lock target" - this saves you searching for the target manually

There are Seven broadcast buttons are under the gang/fleet overview

More options are available when clicking on:
  • Fleet/gang members
  • Objects in space
  • Solar systems
Set the Overview to put objects that have broadcasts attached to them to the top of the overview. This can be done through the overview settings. 

This is useful in some cases when calling targets in an otherwise chaotic battlefield or for logistics ships to quickly locate an ally in need.
The Watch List allows you to monitor the Status (Shield, Armor, Hull), of other ships in the Fleet and assist them if needed.

Right Click on a Pilot in the Fleet Window
  • Select “Add To Watch List” from the Menu A new window will appear that Displays that Pilot’s Shield/Armor/Hull Status.
  • Right Click on the Pilot to Assist
Broadcast Filtering
This is handy when you do not need to see calls for armor repairs or capacitor boosting, which on the other hand would be helpful for a logistics pilot.

Right click on the Broadcast Bar at the bottom of the overview after at least one broadcast has been sent. Select Item to Filter.

Eve Voice

For militia Operations Eve Voice is preferred.
  • Its ubiquity makes it the De-facto Standards.
  • Its integration with the Fleet UI is unmatched.
  • You will get more people on Voice Comms
  • Voice Comms is imperative to Success
  • With EV If the Client Crashes Voice Crashes.
  • This also prevents coordinating Logon Traps.
  • With TS/Vent Some people can’t be Assed to install something else.
  • Third party Solutions good for Private Corps where you have more control.
  • We aren’t Amarr
Fleet Commanderの責務
Use Eve Voice for maximum participation (For Caldari Militia Ops)
  • Speak in a Calm, Clear Manner
  • All Pilots should be able to listen
  • Listen Only is OK, (Verify that they can)
  • Reprimand people who wont stop talking
  • FC’s Tell, They don’t ask.
  • Don’t belittle the pilots who Fuck Up.
    • Use it a as “Teaching moment”
  • Be prepared for Lag to disrupt operations
  • Always have setups that compliment the fleet composition
  • Don’t Panic
Fleet Commanderの責務 (戦いの前に)
  • Get Intel on your area of operations
  • Determine location of Friendly Forces
  • Nominate a Backup FC and Backup Target Callers ahead of time
  • Use Separate Speaking Channels for EWAR and Support
  • Set up Fleets to optimize Bonus
  • Ask Fleet members to Post Ship type and Leadership Skills
<caldaridude>Rohk, Sniper
<caldaridude>L5 WC1 SK4/3/3/3
This means he has:
Leadership 5, Wing Command 1, Skirmish 4 , Other skills 3

パイロットの責務: 戦いの前に

  • Check Clone and Insurance Status
  • Check your Overview/Tab Settings
  • Check your Maps (Ombey’s maps are good)
  • Ensure you have Ammo, Drones and repair supplies in your hold (Repper, Nanite paste etc)
  • Setup your Modules
  • Go to the Bathroom/Smoke/Etc Before you head out.

パイロットの責務: 移動中

  • Do What the FC Tells You To Do
  • Jump ONLY when the FC says Jump
  • Shoot what the FC Tells you to Shoot
  • Don’t Shoot Freindlies, Gates, or Sentries
  • Make Bookmarks at Safe Spots
  • Make Bookmarks at Sniper Spots
  • Avoid Shooting neutrals
    • unless Agressed)
  • Don’t Back Seat the FC!
  • Step-Up when things go down the toilet.

Maintain Communications Discipline

That means STFU
(Unless you’re the FC or Scout)

Only FC and Scouts speak during Ops
(FC will let you know when its OK to BS)


Common Fleet Commands
  • Clear Comms!
    • This Means: STFU
  • Set Destination/Waypoint
    • Plug this in your Navcomp
  • Jump on Contact
    • Jump once you hit the gate
  • Hold on Gate
    • Do NOT Jump. (period)
  • Hold Cloak
    • Maintain Cloak after Gate Jump
  • Align to XXX
    • Align to object called by FC
  • Warp to XXX
    • Warp to Object
  • Prepare for (Fleet) Warp
    • Finish Aligning the FC is going Warp Everyone
  • Warp to your Optimal
    • Manually Warp to the Combat area at your vessel’s Optimal Weapons Range
  • Primary is XXX
    • This is the first Target the FC wants dead Everybody Shoot This Guy
  • Secondary is XXX, Tertiary is XXX
    • These are the Next Targets in line
  • Get a Point on XXX
    • Warp Disrupt the Target. Tacklers Call POINT when you have made the Tackle
Fleet Intel.
If you are giving intel then you need to be quick and specific:
  • Good Intel:
    • I am engaging a Raven on the A gate in B system
  • Bad Intel:
    • OMFG BBQFISHSTICKS Heeeelp me!
  • Good Intel:
    • You have approx 10 hostiles on the A gate, 5 cruisers 2 HACs 1 recon and 2 battleships
  • Bad Intel:
    • OMFG there are lots of them


  • Set a Goal
    • (Camp, Patrol, ‘plexing, etc.)
  • Plan your route (Use a MAP)
  • Plan a Rally Point (s)
  • Communicate it to your fleet
  • Do not give Detailed Route
  • Only Waypoints if you Can
    • This is due Spy infiltration in Militia. Of course if its your own Corp do what you like.
  • Be Quick
  • Do Not Rely on The In-game Map
  • Plan your routes on a paper map
  • Put in plastic sleeves and use Dry Erase markers
  • Ombey’s Maps are Good and FREE
  • Use the paper Maps to study the areas
  • Locate Choke points
    • Pipes
    • Hub Systems
    • Clone and Repair Facilities
  • Remember your Mission Profile.
    • I.E.: Do not bring A Drake on Fast moving Patrol Fleet.
  • Try to keep your DPS to one Range or another
  • Don’t be afraid to tell someone to get a different ship for the Mission at hand.


  • Two Valid Play-styles
  • You may switch between the two as the situation dictates (sometimes you have no choice)
  • “Blob” Warfare
    • Extremely Simple
    • Works with “Pick-up” Gangs
    • Works in Lag
    • Everybody Shoots the Primary
    • Only works if everybody listens
  • Fleet Warfare(If you can’t do Blob warfare well, this is probably beyond your capabilities)
    • Roles are Assigned
    • Pilots should be familiar with their Role
    • Optimal Fleet Organization Required
    • DPS Ships Take out Primaries
    • Support Ships takes out hostile Support
    • Support often has own FC
  • Create Squads/Wings by Function
  • Sort by Range if needed (L/S)
    • Squad 1: TKS Tacklers
    • Squad 2: EWAR (Griffins, Blackbirds, Falcons) Squad 3: DPS-L (BattleShips, Snipers)
    • Squad 4: DPS-S (BattleCruisers, Torp Ravens)
    • Squad 5: CSS Support (Frigates, Assault Frigates) Cruisers, Destroyers, HACs etc)
  • Scouting is one of the most important jobs in a fleet.
  • Without Scouts you will be Fucked, Hard.
  • Using a Scout Behind the fleet will help keep you from being ambushed.
  • Scouts MUST be on Voice.
  • Cloakers make Better Scouts
    • While any Small Fast Ship can make a good scout ships that have cloaks are far more useful. (for setting Warp in points and the like.)
  • Check ALL the Gates if you can.
    • If you have a large number of T1 Frigates and Multiple Gates, Send one to Each Gate and go through.
    • Have them Stay there until the Fleet has Passed on.
  • An alt in a t1 frig or Noobship with a cloak is a great scout
    • Leave him there, cloak up and work on your main, just make sure you can see both clients running.
  • Covops
    • Excellent to have when trying to probe things down.
  • Force Recons
    • Good scout, but generally more effective in a fleet op or small roaming gang.
  • Stealthbombers
    • Good for camping a system and keeping eyes on things. They're also very good at sitting at range around a gate cloaked and moving, so that BS's can always warp to you if need be.

TKS (Tacklers)
  • Fast Tackle Support
    • 20kScram/Web/MWD
  • TKS are High Speed Ships that focus on holding down the Primary and Secondary Targets with Warp Scramblers first to prevent them from leaving.
  • Stasis Webifiers are then used to reduce the target’s speed so that it may them be more easily Destroyed
  • Tackler Protip:
    • まずWarp妨害をしてから、Webiをかけろ!
    • Webbing First can cause the Target actually Jump to Warp more quickly. This is bad.
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Centerpiece of Caldari Battle Doctrine.
  • Prevents Enemy Units from Targeting Anything for 20 seconds per Jam cycle.
  • Caldari ECM is most commonly used in this Role
  • Effective use of low SP Pilots
  • Inexpensive T1 Ships and Fittings (Griffins Blackbirds, Scorpion)
    • Excellent T2- Kitsune and Falcon
DPS (Damage Per Second)
  • These are the Ships that provide the main Firepower of a fleet or Gang.
  • Commonly Battleships and some Battlecrusiers
  • They Always target the Primary
  • Long or Short Range generally Don’t Mix
Depending on the Gang size/Profile
  • DPS can also come from:
    • Destroyers
    • Cruisers
    • Stealth Bombers
    • Assault Frigates
    • HACS
CCS (Support)
  • Close Combat Support
  • Concentrates on Killing Enemy Support
  • Electronic/Logistics Support
  • ELS Ships Provide Sensor Boosting, Tracking Links, ECCM and Armor/Shield Rep support.
  • Stealth Support
  • CovOps Scouts, Stealth Bombers, Force-Recon, and Black-Ops Battleships. (that’s another class in itself)
  • Complex Support or “Cappers”
  • These are usually T1 Frigates and Destroyers that are fit for Speed and NPCing.
  • Only T1 Frigates, Destroyers and Industrials can enter Minor Complexes.
  • While PVP Combat is not their primary purpose they should be capable of Tackling and EWAR to counter enemy T1 “cappers” should they appear.


  • Stay as a Group
  • Scout Ahead
  • Jump Only On FC Command
    • Some FC Use Jump on Contact (JOC)
  • Align to Next Destination Quickly
    • Use the Align To Feature
    • FC should Transmit Align Commands via Broadcast Messages.
  • Hold Cloak When FC Calls for it.
  • Always be Prepared for a Fleet Warp.
  • Always Activate Sensor Boosters While Holding.


  • Pick a Rallypoint (s) prior to engagement
  • Proceed To Destination
  • Use Scouts Ahead and Behind
  • Rear Scouts are often overlooked yet Hostiles often use several routes to catch an unsuspecting gang.
  • Bad/No Intel = Dead Fleet
  • User your Scouts
  • Scout Multiple Gates (if you have a lot of frigates)
  • Pick time/place
    • Don’t let them pick it for you
If against larger numbers use “hit and run” tactics till better tactical advantage is achieved

Do not let them Force the engagement if you do not like the situation.
  • Use Faction Warfare complexes to your advantage
    • Filter out larger Vessels with minor Complexes


  • Focus on taking out EW ships and Recons, Then DPS, then smaller vessels.
  • Use Jammers to Neutralize their DPS Ships
  • Stick to one area of the enemies fleets which is at optimal firing range for the majority of your fleet.
  • Be prepared to Switch Targets
  • Primaries - Call these Ships First with your DPS
    • High DPS battleships
    • All EWAR
    • Logistic ships
    • Interdictors in 0.0
  • “Primary” Ship Examples:
    • Scorpions
    • Megathrons
    • Tempests
    • Blackbird, Rook, Falcon (ECM)
    • Celestis, Arazu, Lachesis (RSD=Remote Sensor Damps)
    • High-end T2 battleships Widows' etc
    • (0.0)Interdictors- FlyCatcher, Saber etc.
    • Cyno-ships (Could be anything really keep an eye out for ships that are “out of place”)
  • Secondaries
    • Tanked battleships (tier 3's)
    • Command-Ships
    • Heavy Assault Cruisers
    • Drone Boats: Dominix's, Myrmidons, Brutix and Ishtar's
  • Tertiaries
    • Other non-drone battlecruisers
    • Cruisers
    • Whatever is left
  • Drone ships and HACs can hurt your Support Fleet very quickly
  • If Support is having a hard time, back them up as they are keeping the flies off of you.
  • If you have a large enough Support Wing the Support FC may also call these targets.


  • Stick to one area of the enemies fleets which is at optimal firing range for the majority of your fleet.
    • ALWAYS call the standing still (0 m/s) BS's as a primary.
    • No transversal = high damage from the turret ships in the fleet.
  • When a target is called as pointed/webbed, make that your primary.
  • Targets that are Jammed or Remote Sensor Damped, are not Primary targets anymore since they no longer pose a threat.
  • Call Primary:
    • Start with the closest and work your way back
  • Call Secondary and Tertiary Targets
    • to be locked so pilots can swap guns to it immediately
  • Concentrate Fire
    • Always have your fleet shoot one target at a time, when it’s destroyed, all shoot the next one. (Those that are in Range)
Should the FC and Backups go Down
  • Someone Step up and Call Targets
  • Start with the Ship Called if its not Dead
  • Call by Threat
    • The most difficult as it requires experience
  • Call by Range
    • Start with the closest and work your way back.
    • Call Secondary and Tertiary targets to be locked so pilots can swap guns to it immediately
  • Call by Alpha
    • Easiest and simplest though not the most effective
  • Call What You Can Kill
    • If you can’t retreat Kill the Easy shit first


  • Assess Target Strength
  • Go?-No Go?
  • No-Go
    • Avoid Engagement
    • Look for Plexes to Hide in or even the odds
    • Avoid Stations
    • Move Quickly
    • Use Scouts to Shadow Hostiles
  • GO
    • Warp in at Weapons optimal
    • FC Call Primary, Secondary, Etc
    • EWAR Warps in Last.
    • TKS- Tacklers Tackle pretty simple eh?
    • DPS- Attack Primary, Secondary Etc.
    • EWAR Jam- Hostile EWAR and DPS
    • Support-Keep the Flies of our DPS or Hit Primary (FC’s Choice)

戦闘開始 : パイロットの責務

  • ALIGN to Rally-point after Warp-in
  • Activate Sensor Booster
  • 第一攻撃目標(Primary)を攻撃せよ
  • IF the Primary, Secondaries etc. are out of range:
    • You can warp out and come back to a better range
    • You can shoot additional targets that are still important in your range
  • Stay Alive- If you have been Primaried, GTFO.
  • Make sure you come back.
  • Kill-mail whoring while good for stats = bad for fleet ops.
  • Do not Question the FC (if you must, type in Fleet Chat but NEVER in Voice)
  • When you first warp in on your enemy or if are camping have your ship aligned to a nearby warpable point or rallypoint.
  • If you are targeted you can stay in battle till your shields are almost gone and warp out in a few seconds notice.
  • When you warp out, charge yourself back up and as quickly as possible rejoin your fleet.
  • *STFU in Voice Comms*
No one Cares if your Dead or Lost your implants. We are too busy trying to keep our own in.
Get another Ship and come back if you can


  • Place in separate squad for Voice Comms
  • Call your Jams
  • Targets should be cycled through constantly do not Double Jam
  • Call Jams by Priority, EWAR, Recons, DPS
  • Jam your Targets and Warp out-
    • Jam will remain on target unless you are destroyed
  • Warp Back in at a Different Range or Location


  • Don’t be afraid to fall back and re-group your fleet and re-engage the enemy
  • If Rally point is Compromised, Warp to Pilots in Safe Spots.
  • Bounce between other pilots Safe Spots to keep from being scanned out.
  • Regroup
  • Re-Assess
  • Re-engage or fall back as needed
  • Use Scouts on your retreat
  • Use Aggression Mechanics to lock them at Gate, when needed.
  • Use map, Split and Regroup if Pursued
  • Use Complexes to Hide in or reduce the number of ships they can bring to bear.
  • Trapped at a Gate Camp?*
    • 1. Order Pilots With MWD back to Gate first
    • 2. Those without MWDs Hold Cloak
    • 3. Let them Aggress First (Transmit ASCII Donges in Local)
      • This will Delay their Jump by 30 seconds(Their Agressing, not the Donges)
    • 4. Give Jump Command
    • 5. Non MWDers Align and Jump to Celestials. Regroup and wait for Scouting reports.
    • *This Doesn’t Always Work, Life’s a bitch

Fleetの例 : Lowsecにおいて

Minimalist Caldari Setup

  • Squad 1: Tacklers:
    • Raptors, Crows, or Vigils
  • Squad 2: EWAR
    • Blackbird/Falcon/Rook/Kitsune/Griffin (lots).
  • Squad 3: DPS
    • Short Range: Ravens, Armageddon
    • Long Range: Rohk, Apocalypse.


  • Squad 1: Tacklers
  • Squad 2: EWAR
    • Griffins, Blackbirds, Falcons
  • Squad 3: Close Combat Support
    • Frigates, Assault Frigates. Cruisers, Destroyers, HACs etc
  • Squad 4: DPS
    • BattleShips, BattleCruisers


  • Squad 1 –“Cappers”
    • T1 Frigates and Destroyers all in Same Group
  • Squad 2- Small T2 ships, T1-Cruisers
  • Squad 3 DPS Ships Battleships/Cruisers, HACs


Frigate/Destroyer Patrol 6 and 10 man

  • 2 Destroyers 2 combat frigates with Web/Scram and 2 Griffins to Turn out the lights on the enemy DPS ships.
  • Full Squad level using
    • 3 Destroyers
    • 3 Griffins
    • 3 Close Combat Frigates
    • Covert Ops Scout